HYBRIDS universe is a superhuman role play where members will take on the role of an individual gifted with special abilities caused by a specific power.
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 Character Customization

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PostSubject: Character Customization   Character Customization Icon_minitimeWed Aug 17, 2011 10:18 pm

CC1. Members must always follow the template guidelines.

CC2. Members may not create an additional application in the Character Additions section if they were not given special permission from a Administrator or Moderator of the site.

CC3. When a Moderator or Administrator request a member to make changes to an application, you must follow their instructions. If a member has a problem with the instructions a moderator or administrator has given them then please do not try and resolve the issue in the creation section of the RPG, instead PM the Moderator or Administrator or speak with them on the chat box. Failure to comply will result in the deletion of unnecessary posts in the creation section.

CC4. When a member creates a characters biography please do not use adult content.

CC5. All members must make their characters biography at least one paragraph.

CC6. When a member creates a character, please make sure to use a different power from another members character. If a member cannot come up with a power ask for assistance.

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Character Customization
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