HYBRIDS universe is a superhuman role play where members will take on the role of an individual gifted with special abilities caused by a specific power.
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B1. Never disrespect another member, This site maintains an environment that each member can enjoy and have fun.

B2. Please avoid using profound language, minor language is tolerated some examples would be damn, dammit, and hell.

B3. Please do not post inappropriate images or talk sexually.

B4. Please respect the instructions of the Administrators or Moderators, if there is something you wish to report about an Administrator or Moderator feel free to confront a different Administrator or Moderator about your problem.

B5. There will be absolutely no tolerance for threats, failure to comply will result in an immediate ban from the site.

B6. Never ask to be a Moderator because the answer will always result with a no.

B7. Never ask to be an Administrator because the answer will always result with a no.

B8. If a member has any questions or concerns regarding the RPG and the community feel free to PM an administrator or contact the Developer at: hybridsuniverse@yahoo.com

B9. Always follow the rules of the site

B10. Harassment is not tolerated on this site.

B11. Members may not create a secondary character if they have not used their primary character much. If a member wants to create a different character after they recently created a first simply delete your character and make a new one.

B12. Members may not know things that they have yet to learn about other members characters unless they have a power that falls under such a category.

B13. Please do not post after you have already completed posting, give the next member time to post and if they appear to be holding a thread up simply inform an administrator or moderator and they will decide whether a member may continue with or without the other member.

B14. Members must always inform an administrator or moderator when a thread has been complete so that the administrator and moderators can lock the post and not have another member posting in a dead thread.

B15. Never involve personal issues with another member during an in-character thread.

B16. Do not break the fourth wall, meaning do not post outside of character during an in-character thread unless a members character has a unique personality and thinks that way.

B17. No member can control another member's character without that members permission.

B18. Never role-play before your character is approved.

B19. Do not post in another members profile unless you are an administrator or moderator.

B20. If a member is given permission to kill another member's character the action will be successful, however that character will not be playable by the member after they are killed unless they have a specific power that falls under this category.

B21. No member can remove the power from another character unless given permission from the member who created the character.

B22. No member can control the mind of another members character without that members consent.

B23. We permit the creation of NPC's so long as they do not have the capacity to affect the storyline. They may only be made for your characters own plot development. Do not rely on someone else to role play as your NPC this does not mean you may not ask other members if you feel the need to do so. NPC's are not secondary characters!

B24. Your character cannot be overpowered in relation to other character's capabilities; there will be absolutely no god-modeing allowed.
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