HYBRIDS universe is a superhuman role play where members will take on the role of an individual gifted with special abilities caused by a specific power.
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 Maximus Gregory Hartson "Archangel" [COMPLETE]

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Character Sheet
Name: Maximus G. Hartson
Power: Biological Manipulation

Maximus Gregory Hartson "Archangel" [COMPLETE] Empty
PostSubject: Maximus Gregory Hartson "Archangel" [COMPLETE]   Maximus Gregory Hartson "Archangel" [COMPLETE] Icon_minitimeSun Dec 11, 2011 12:50 am

Personal Information






Maximus Gregory Hartson a.k.a. "Archangel"


Maximus was always a soldier at his core. He thought and lived like one for many years, and it has stuck to this day. For many years he accepted orders as they came; never questioning them. He would often accomplish them with a high rate of success, something that his superiors over the years have taken note of. As a warrior, he was trained to remain cool, calm and collected. Often to achieve that effect, he'd smoke a cigar. Overtime, his cool-head came naturally to him, and now it's his constant demeanor. A cold and calculating individual, he always looks for openings in his opponent's, innately using his quick thinking in the face of adversity. Maximus rarely hesitates on the battlefield in order to achieve his objective, but he prefers to avoid having to kill those who may or may not get in the way of achieving the said objective.

Maximus's age and experiences have influenced his attitude toward life greatly. He sees the world as a cesspool of never-ending violence and bloodshed. It's what he ultimately seeks to end once and for all, by ending the sources of said violence simultaneously, so that at least one other lifetime wouldn't be spent on the field of battle. Though he rarely shows it, Maximus sympathizes with the Hybrids who have been forced to fight with H.U.N.T.E.R. in order to secure their freedom and prosperity in life. He doesn't want others to be forced into a chain of never-ending warfare, such as the cycle he's been caught up in for over a century.

Despite his feeling for other Hybrids, Maximus feels he cannot yet make right what it is that's made the world so wrong. Being a soldier at the core, warfare is all he's ever known, it's why Charles Rage made him an agent in GHOST. So, he constantly fights -- trapped in this prison that is constant battle, a prison he is still looking for an opening to breach. So, conclusively the major problem for himself is the war within himself, the way he feels versus those he fights and who he takes orders from.


Italian cuisine, sweet foods, reading & writing, shotguns, smg's, handguns, tiger lilies, bravery, loyalty


Latin-American cuisine, spicy foods, exercise, sniper rifles, weeds, cowardice, war

Physical Information





Eye Color

Teal blue

Hair Color

Old Appearance: White, Young Appearance: Brown

General Appearance

Old "Archangel" ~ Commonly used appearance.


Young "Archangel"


Notes: Maximus sports an eye patch over his right eye in order to give off an aura of weakness, however it used to be a serious injury in his youth. Now, it only serves to distract opponents and lead them to misjudge Maximus altogether.

Background Information


Charles Rage; legal guardian; alive: Charles Rage took Maximus in at a young age, because he knew about his superhuman abilities, and wanted to exploit that for his own gain.




GHOST Covert Operative

HYBRIDS Information






Biological Manipulation "Biokinesis": The power to control all aspects of a living creature's biological make-up. This includes but is not limited to, genetic alterations, physical distortion/augmentations, healing disease, and biological functions.

Superhuman Abilities


Physical Alterations




Maximus's Sidearm: http://hybridsuniverse.forumotion.com/t54-devil-s-tongue

Maximus's Primary Weapon x2: http://hybridsuniverse.forumotion.com/t52-firesprayer


Uses Exolite armor if on-duty as his younger form. http://hybridsuniverse.forumotion.com/t5-hunter-organization




Maximus's eyepatch: The eye-patch was used by him when he was young, after he received an injury and couldn't quite regenerate it back to full-health. When he mastered his power, he managed to do so, but kept the eye-patch on to remind him of his weakness, as well as to make himself appear more damaged than he really is; a diversionary tool.

Character Origin


Rockville, Maryland


Maximus G. Hartson; Orphan

Maximus G. Hartson was born into the wealthy Hartson family of Montgomery County in the year 1883. For six years, his family lived in harmony and enjoyed the wealthy and luxury of living they had available to them. It wasn't until his father and mother were killed, that everything fell a part for him. He had been too young to protect himself and his family, so he simply hid away while his parents were shot dead. When the Sheriff's Department looked into the assassination, they found a frightened young boy, whose memories were now stained by blood and violence. It was then that he was sent to an orphanage. An experience he didn't enjoy. The orphanage was difficult for him, he was always used to getting what he wanted, and never having to share with anyone. But at age six reality had already hit him hard. He knew then how unfair life was.

Two years later, at the age of eight, Maximus's superhuman power began manifesting itself within him. Extraordinary things were occurring among the inhabitants of the orphanage and their adult supervisors. All concern pointed to the young Maximus. When he was ten years old, a wealthy named Charles Rage visited the orphanage to investigate these strange occurrences. However, Charles Rage was no detective, he knew very well of the potential Superhuman among Humankind. He was already doing his own little research on the subject, and finally he found the perfect example, a living Superhuman. Charles Rage adopted Maximus, and became his legal guardian.

Charles Rage had told the young Maximus, that he'd help him hone Maximus's power, not only to Maximus's benfit, but for his own as well. Maximus served as his very first test subject, and would often push Maximus to his limit in order to achieve a desirable effect. These notes would later be used to track down other superhumans, and would ultimately lead to the found of H.U.N.T.E.R. so many years later. So, all Maximus knew was servitude to Charles Rage, doing as he was told so that everything would work out for them. Throughout this time, Maximus had been living on-base with his legal guardian, and often they moved from one military base to another. This benefited Maximus's military career and knowledge thereof.

Maximus G. Hartson; Soldier

While Maximus's legal guardian was being taught at West Point on how to be an amazing military general and tactician, Maximus enlisted in the united states armed forces. Throughout his training to be a soldier, he excelled as an exceptional warrior. Getting things done faster and better then his peers, effected him negatively and positively. Something he had been well-known for was his incredible accuracy. Those that envied and disliked him actually confronted him while he was alone. They jumped him, and forced him to fight back. He managed to overcome them using his knowledge of the martial arts, mainly jujitsu, but they managed to cut out his right eye. Of course they were expelled, and even jailed for their aggressive behavior and acts of violence, but he remained without a good eye.

Unsurprisingly to his comrades, the loss of an eye didn't totally demolish any potential skills he had mastered before the attack, but it did nullify the use of his right eye, and thus he could no longer profess in long-ranged weaponry. Overtime he would repair his cells at a superhuman rate in order to restore his lost eye, but he sported an eye-patch to deceive those he served with.

Over the majority of the 20th century, Maximus had been serving in the military as a distinguished soldier on the field. In 1918, Maximus took part in World War I, and in the 1940's in World War II, both times serving in the 1st Infantry Division. During the Invasion of Normandy, Maximus earned himself the medal of honor for his valorous behavior and outstanding performance on the field. Maximus never participated in the Korean War, at the time he had been stationed in France. Later on in the 20th century, Maximus had participated in the Tet Offensive, and by this point in time he begins feeling like war never changes, and leaders of war wage them solely because of personal gain, and no longer for peace or virtue.

Maximus G. Hartson; Paramilitary Operations Officer

After the lingering conclusion of the Vietnam War, Maximus retires from military service, and pursues a new career as a member of the National Clandestine Service of the C.I.A. as a Paramilitary Operations Officer. Instead of participating in wars that are already there and set up for, Maximus decided he'd want to try ending wars before they happened, and felt like his best chances were in the C.I.A. He primarily dealt with Cold War objectives, if anything he would've wanted to prevent a direct conflict between the USA and the USSR, the world's largest superpowers. Most of his objectives involved sabotaging their nuclear missiles, and acting as a counterintelligence against the intelligence agency of the USSR and their objectives. During his time as a Paramilitary Operations Officer, he picked up on a few languages. Also around this time, he had been privately studying human biology, physiology and anatomy to give him a greater understanding of his own superpower and how to use it. For years he had been using his regenerative powers to restore himself back to health as well as Charles Rage -- an agreement they made when Charles Rage took him in.

Eventually, Maximus earned himself the Distinguised Intelligence Cross for the outstanding results of his mission, and the subtle manner in which he completed them. Wanting to use Maximus's access of the C.I.A. databanks, Charles Rage met with Maximus secretly. When the two confronted one another, both in good health and Rage, appearing twenty, Maximus denied Rage access of the C.I.A.'s knowledge and access into other government-funded facilities, that could've been of use to him at the time. They fought one another in this brief confrontation, but Maximus managed to surpass Rage with regards to martial arts. This angered Rage greatly, nonetheless Maximus never exploited his ambitions, or spoke of their confrontation. Since then, Maximus hasn't prevented the affects of aging in Rage's biological make-up, which is why he appears in his mid-50s in the present.

Maximus G. Hartson; Archangel

In 2012, the higher-ups of many government agencies began discussing Charles Rage's plans for a secret organization called H.U.N.T.E.R. bent on the control, annihilation or experimentation of the Hybrid population in the United States and perhaps the rest of the world. In 2013, due to the growing number of "registered" Hyrbids in H.U.N.T.E.R.'s database, Charles Rage began to demand more armed aid from those that funded his projects. More military recruits came pulling in, and began getting specially trained to combat varying Hybrids with equally varied superhuman abilities. Ultimately this still wasn't enough to thwart an entire race of superhumans, so, Charles Rage then founded GHOST, an elite paramilitary squadron of five of the most powerful Hybrids registered in their database, and willing to serve Rage directly. Their duty was to combat the greater threats to humanity, and do much of Rage's dirty work for him. Maximus was one among the five elected for service in GHOST. He accepted his invitation into a grouping of the elites, mainly to hopefully secure a future for the next generation of Hyrbids from the other side of what might become a war.

RP-Sample: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Maximus Gregory Hartson "Archangel" [COMPLETE]   Maximus Gregory Hartson "Archangel" [COMPLETE] Icon_minitimeSun Dec 11, 2011 7:49 pm

Congratulations Archangel your application has been officially approved by a member of the staff. You may now begin role playing as your specified character.

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

- Abraham Lincoln
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Maximus Gregory Hartson "Archangel" [COMPLETE]
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