HYBRIDS universe is a superhuman role play where members will take on the role of an individual gifted with special abilities caused by a specific power.
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 Alfred Greene (Complete)

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Alfred Greene

Alfred Greene

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Character Sheet
Name: Alfred Greene
Power: Power Absorption

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Personal Information






Alfred Bartholomew Greene


Power-hungry, knowledgeable and infinitely cunning, Alfred Greene is a man who seeks power and domination over the entire human race, all for his own gain. To this day, he is affiliated with the GHOST Squad, as one of its most promising members, carrying the rank of Squad Leader.


Alfred enjoys nothing more than power, and to use that power to it's fullest potential.


Alfred dislikes weaklings and despises cowardice.

Physical Information


190 cm (6 ft 3 in)


90 kg (198 lb)

Eye Color

Red (Due to genetic alterations during the cloning process.)

Hair Color


General Appearance

Alfred Greene, Codename 'Overlord'
Alfred Greene (Complete) Alfred10

Background Information






HUNTER Agent, Squad Leader of GHOST

HYBRIDS Information


Experiment (Origin), Registered (Present)




Power Absorption
Superhuman Speed (Permanently gained with Power Absorption)

Superhuman Abilities

Through physical contact:

- Accumulate various abilities.
- Absorb different powers from the target gaining access to several powers
- The use of different powers.
- High level users can absorb the life force of the victim, killing them in the process.
- Through absorbing the power of another Hybrid that is near death, Alfred can permanently gain the individuals power.

Physical Alterations

When Alfred Greene physically touches a Hybrid, he gains their powers. However due to Greene's skill with his power he is able to stabilize any physical alterations.



Though Alfred Greene possesses no weapons at his utility, he has had years of both Military Training and Martial Arts Training.


Alfred Greene wears a bullet proof vest underneath his garments.




Black Sunglasses, to prevent unwanted attention towards his red eyes.

Character Origin


Area 51, Nevada, United States of America.


Alfred Bartholomew Greene's origin begins in 1960 in the secret government funded research base, Area 51 located in the Nevada desert. Greene was born in a cloning tube and genetically altered with several different Hybrid DNA, all from captured and experimented Hybrids since the discovery of Subject Zero back in 1931. The experiment known as 'Omega' involved the Government's plan to create a man that possessed extraordinary feats using the Hybrid-Gene and blood of Subject Zero. The project was a failure, and the government issued the clone to be killed. However the lead researcher, Professor Martin Hamillton convinced the Government to keep the baby clone alive so that him and his team of researchers could continue doing experiments once the child was born.

When the baby emerged out of the tube and breathed it's first breath of life, it was immediately taken into Professor Martin Hamilton's custody. The baby was born with a strange birth defect, most likely caused from the genetic alterations, both it's left and right eye were red. The professor then named the boy Alfred Bartholomew Greene to signify it's ingenious creation, as Martin felt that an intelligent and posh name suited the child well. During Alfred's first few years of life he was put through mental exercises each day to expand his level of intellect, at the age of four the baby named Alfred was able to use words far beyond the educational level of an ordinary toddler, the exercises would continue for another three years as Alfred spent his time reading books and was force ably kept from experiencing life in the outside world.

At the age of seven Alfred was introduced to a Hybrid named Carl Reed, it was then that he learned more about his origin and what the government plotted to do with him. Professor Martin Hamilton then informed Alfred that he had to learn of his own abilities to combat the government and used fear and anxiety to lure the boy into discovering his powers. The discovery of Alfred's powers occurred when he had physical contact with Carl Reed before saying farewell, as the man left the Laboratory Alfred felt different, he had opened up the palm of his right hand and emitted a ball of fire at the wall, this new discovery amazed Professor Hamilton and he immediately put the child through more experimentation.

Once word of the professor's research reached the government they immediately rushed to the professor's laboratory to claim custody of Alfred Greene. Outraged Professor Hamilton refused to grant custody back to the government after they had given him custody and it was thanks to his research and experimentation that the boy got thus far in progress. Having a liable excuse to keep custody of the child the Government ordered the assassination of Martin Hamilton and his associates. The next day Alfred witnessed people he knew become nothing more than a blood bath of dead corpses before him, as he was grabbed by a man in a C.I.A uniform and brought back to Area 51 the horrors of what he witnessed haunted him on his way to the facility.

As Alfred Greene was brought into the facility he was immediately thrown into a waiting cell where he remained for three whole days before a General Kenneth Rogers grabbed Alfred Greene by the arm and told him of his role in the facility. The boy would soon become the new top secret military weapon for the United States Government, in their efforts to rid the world of all individuals carrying the Hybrid Genome, as Alfred was put through rigorous military and martial arts training for the next eleven years of his childhood life, he was quickly expanding the capacity of his powers and understanding more about how his Genome worked.

Alfred Greene was sent on his first official government mission at the age of twenty-one. Greene was commonly tasked with the capture of high-risk Hybrids known to the United States Government at the time. Greene's progress within the United States Government was phenomenal and he managed to capture over thirty known Hybrids. It wasn't until Alfred Greene was thirty-two and learned of his Gene's true potential when he confronted a Hybrid with Superhuman Speed, the individual had refused to surrender and when he was finally pinned down and near death due to the efforts of Greene, the Hybrid was drained of all life from Greene using his power on the man and suddenly Greene was able to contain the power he absorbed from the Hybrid that carried Superhuman Speed, and permanently gained the man's power. Suddenly Greene's modus operandi changed and now he was determined to seek out more power and dominate the human race emerging as a living and breathing god on Earth.

When the Hybrid Registration Act was passed the Government was forced to perform less ruthlessly on individuals carrying the H-Genome. This ended up with the establishment of a new organization bent on the eradication of all Hybrids with the exception of registering with the Government, known as HUNTER. The United States Government placed Alfred Greene in the organization and the secret weapon of the government was now in the hands of a General Charles Rage. Greene's time working in the ranks of HUNTER proved to be a great asset to the organizations goals. When a new secret branch of HUNTER known as GHOST was formed, Greene was elected squad leader and the title of Overlord. Greene now spends his time personally tracking down high-risk Hybrids and aiding in the efforts of HUNTER, while benefiting his own plans for his great vision of the future.

Role-Play Sample

"Every day, humans and Hybrids come one step closer to self destruction! I'm not destroying the world, I'm saving it!"
- Alfred Greene

"The only thing that can defeat power is more power. That is the one constant in this universe. However, there is no point in power if it consumes itself. I will enlist the help of an old friend against our common foe; I will use one pawn to eliminate the other, and emerge with the spoils for myself..."
- Alfred Greene

Quote's inspired by Albert Wesker
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Alfred Greene (Complete)
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